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Welcome to CCTV Security Solutions Provider in Gujarat

Being a leading supplier of CCTV Security Solutions in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, We are offering the complete security solutions to the clients by providing a range of different CCTV surveillance systems and a variety of DVRs (Digital Video Recorders). With the growing need of security at different premises, our outstanding effort to provide the best security solution to the whole world resulted in bringing the best security product CCTV Cameras. Call us at +91 98250 74226 for CCTV camera price.

Organizations, commercial customers and home owners has approved our innovative product for meeting their security concern and appreciated our effort in the field of security. While CCTV can be used to monitor a particular event constantly, in order to achieve more advancement we are offering the clients the DVRs which can be used for video recording of the events.
CCTV Camera
Regular Dome Cameras
Best CCTV Camera in Gujrat

A dome camera can be easily used in indoor and outdoor premises because of simple installation process. It is widely used in public and private areas.

High Resolution Dome Cameras
High Resolution Dome Cameras in Ahmedabad

The high resolution dome cameras have been programmed to work in indoor as well as in outdoor premises. These cameras are designed for improving the performance of images at night.

IR Dome Cameras
IR Dome Cameras in Ahmedabad

IR dome camera has high power LED which enables it to captures images in darkness. It automatically transits from multi color to black-white shades depending on the lightning conditions.

Vari-focal Dome Cameras
 Best Vari-focal Dome Cameras

These cameras are known for its high resolution and vari-focal iris lens. The vari focal lens adjusts as per the changing of lightning conditions and works efficiently in the darker areas.

Infra-red Cameras
 Best Infra-red Cameras

The cameras are based on capturing the images with infra red radiation. It provides a very high resolution that improves the image quality. Contact us for CCTV camera price in Ahmedabad.

Regular C Mount Camera
 Regular C Mount Camera In Gujarat

The camera depict the wide angular lens. Regular C mount cameras are most commonly used for the machine vision. It has a good resolution power for clear picture.

Hidden Cameras
 Spy and Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras are portable enough to be moved from one place to another easily. These cameras can be viewed over the internet. Call for Hidden CCTV camera price.

Speed Dome
 High Speed Dome

Speed dome cameras are used for remote imaging. The cameras are suitable for different premises. We provide dome cameras at affordable price.

MJPEG Compression DVMR
 Best MJPEG Compression DVMR

MJPEG compression DVMR compresses the images without compromising its quality. It is available at low cost and a very secure video recorder system.

H.264 Compression DVMR
H.264 Compression DVMR

A best quality image can be obtained. The H.264 compression DVMR has got higher resolution that helps in enhancing the clarity of the picture.

Channel Video Web Server

Channel Video Web Server

Channel video web server is only consists of the receiving transmitter. It is companionable with all cameras. It is featured with low cost and easy installation.

4CH MPEG4 Network DVR
 4CH MPEG4 Network DVR

The DVR can be associated with 4 different cameras. It also acquires motion set off recording and provides clear picture coping up with real time events.

8CH MPEG4 Network DVR
 8CH MPEG4 Network DVR

The DVR can be associated with 8 different cameras. It is popular for easy control and multi functional record facility. Call for camera price.

16CH MPEG4 Network DVR
 16CH MPEG4 Network DVR

It can be associated with 16 different cameras as it is equipped with 16 channels. Also it provides an efficient compression facility.

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